Join the Collectors Club

Your name connected with an outstanding work of art for perpetuity

We invite you, through the new Artspace Mackay Foundation Collectors Club, to join with other donors in the behind-the-scenes acquisition process and have your name or company name connected to an outstanding work of art.

The Artspace Mackay Foundation is the vital fundraising arm of our regional art gallery Artspace Mackay. It depends on the generosity of donors to support the art gallery in its desire to make significant additions to our acclaimed Mackay Regional Council Art Collection. With a substantial rise in the price of works of art in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for the gallery to afford to purchase works of a quality consistent with the further necessary development of our acclaimed collection. A percentage of the Gallery’s collection has been funded by private and corporate benefaction and the Artspace Mackay Foundation seeks to build upon this great tradition of giving.

The Collectors Club

The Foundation has established The Collectors Club for donors to take up the challenge to continue the benefactions of past philanthropists, whilst also taking part in the exciting behind the scenes acquisition process.

It is anticipated the Collectors Club concept will attract lovers of art and culture who wish to contribute directly to support Artspace Mackay`s vision, by contributing to the annual acquisition of cornerstone works for the Collection.

The exclusive club base on informed collecting, is an innovative way for donors to participate and be active in the acquisition process. It will provide a unique opportunity for corporate or individual members to give their community a gift of outstanding works of art, which bears their name for perpetuity, while furthering promotion, understanding and enjoyment of art.

The club encourages an active membership participating in such activities as gallery previews with the artists available for discussion, invitations to attend functions where visiting artists speak, visits to members' homes to view and discuss their collected art.

Collectors Club annual event

Collectors Club Members will be invited to meet once a year for an extraordinary and exclusive cocktail event at the Gallery, hosted by the Director and Foundation Chairman. Throughout the night, Members will be presented with the major work acquired by the club. The Director will discuss the acquired work, pointing out the historical background and the relevance and significance of the work to the Collection. The major acquisition will be displayed at a gallery nominated exhibition where Collectors Club members are acknowledged and invited to speak briefly about their contribution to the acquisition.  

Acknowledgement of your support

Members of the Collectors Club are each acknowledged as a donor for the annual work chosen for acquisition, and have their name associated with, and appearing permanently on the credit line for the work, in the Foundation Annual Report, and wherever the work is reproduced or on display. While you are a contributing donor member, you are entitled to have your name listed on the Artspace Mackay website, and acknowledgement in the quarterly Foundation newsletter.

To give your support

Any intending Corporate or individual Donor can participate for a donation of $1,000 (membership is for one year). All donations to the Foundation Collectors Club are fully tax deductible. Membership may be for only a year, or on an ongoing basis.

Joining the Collectors Club is a wonderful opportunity to play a part in building the Collection and present our community with a gift, which will be associated your name or company name in perpetuity.

Please contact us to request an Artspace Mackay Foundation Collectors Club Brochure or click here to download one Become a Collectors Club Member (3MB)

Phone: (07) 4951 2299