Focus on the Collection: Davida Allen

Name Focus on the Collection: Davida Allen
Start of first instance 4th Nov 2017 10:00am
End of first instance 11th Feb 2018 5:00pm
Duration of each instance 99 days and 7 hours
Frequency Every day, until 11th Feb 2018

November 4- February 11
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm, Weekends 10am - 3pm

Gallery Two, Artspace Mackay

In 2016 award winning artist Davida Allen donated three paintings to the Mackay Regional Council Art Collection. Allen is known for her distinctive style of painting where she eschews brushes for her fingers. While other methods of painting allow for changes to be made, Allen’s technique disallows reform, to do so would destroy the immediacy of the image. An intensely personal painter, her subjects in this case are what she sees when walking near her home in South East Queensland or her studio in Zilzie.