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Have your say about Public Art in our region.

Community opinion is crucial, so If you would like to have your say and didn't get a chance to make it it to one of the three Public Conversations, please visit : and contribute your input via a quick online survey.

Whether you are a spectator, participant, administrator, artist, resident or visitor/tourist – we want to hear from you about how we can continue to create meaningful and engaging public art in Mackay for everyone to experience.

Public Art enables Mackay to stimulate a thriving and vibrant culture in the region and provides the community an everyday experience with creativity.

What is public art?

Public art:
- contributes to the transformation of the urban landscape
- celebrates and commemorates ‘place’
- provides a contemporary response to cultural and historical contexts
- acts as a means for engaging with the community
- reflects and reveals our society and adds meaning to our cities

Public art refers to an artistic work that is created and located for public accessibility. The defining principle of public art is that the work has been designed by an artist for enhancement of a particular public realm. Mackay Regional Council is developing a Public Art Strategy to articulate a vision, direction and commitment to public art across the region. The strategy will provide clarity in terms of Council's vision and processes that will enable it to be more effective in the delivery of its cultural programs.


Image: Fiona Foley 'Mangrove cap' 2009

Contact: Artspace Mackay

Phone: 4961 9722