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Losing Home, Finding Home: Mika Nakamura-Mather

FIELD Engineers Gallery, Artspace Mackay
29 Nov to 23 Feb The floating world

The term zeitgeist is loosely understood as defining a spirit or mood of a particular time. When considering the body of work produced by Mika Nakamura-Mather, it is clear that each piece is an exploration and act of memory. Objects have been charged through a specific mode of usage, a particular fabrication process or artistic gesture to create new perceptions about her homeland. The old and new meet to create another here. New knowledge is manifest through critical enquiry and the act of making. While her memories of home are constantly in a state of flux, Mika's knowing is constant. These 'decay theory-ridden' objects offer up to the viewer not only attempts by the artist to remember her belonging to a place and a culture that is and was Japan but also, through the process of assemblage they reflect the spirit of the times in which they dwell.

IMAGE: MIKA NAKAMURA-MATHER Telescoping (the tyranny of distance) 2018. Japanese indigenous bamboo, kyogi paper, natural Japanese mineral pigments, ink, 150 x 650cm approx. Image courtesy the artist.

Reasonable & Necessary: Prints and artist books by Artel Artists

Gallery Three, Artspace Mackay
18 Oct to 19 Janreasonable and necessary

This inspiring touring exhibition showcases the work of 33 Artel Artists, some of whom possess complex and profound disabilities. Artel, CPL’s (Choice, Passion, Life) creative industries studio supports the development of a positive and participatory cultural identity for people with profound and complex disabilities. The studio offers space, instruction and an environment in which this particular community of individuals has been able, over many years, to express themselves as a dynamic artistic movement. The artists are: Christine Baillie, Jonathon Baldwin, Jacob Bradshaw, James Clark, Kristi Cochrane, Bevon Diver, Michael Doust, Cara Dunstan, Jennifer Duperouzel, Robert Gallagher, Anne Higginson, Tonia Hoffman, William Hunt, Nathan Langdown, Justin Lavender, Reece Lockrey, Kim Marshall, Liam McMahon, Robert Oakman, Jeff Parkinson, Christopher Paul, Peter Phillips, Christopher Pitot, Jeremy Ruckels, Elizabeth Saunders, Vanessa Spagna, Beverley Stack, Scott Stanton, Daniel Swart, Christine Tweedale, Richard Uil, Genice Wolski and Sara Wyatt

IMAGE: Dan SWART Sunset - Pelican Park, Clontarf  2016. Reduction relief print, 300 x 405mm, Courtesy of the artist and Artel. Photograph: Vanessa Xerri.
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Disquiet: Ecological Anxieties and Transformations

Gallery Three, Artspace Mackay
24 January – 19 April 2020Dover decoy

A Queensland touring exhibition by Barbara Dover and Robyn Glade-Wright, Disquiet examines the anxieties surrounding human generated pressures on the marine environment. Created using discarded plastic and other debris that has been carried in from the sea and washed ashore along the Queensland coast, their work highlights the global issue of ocean pollution, and the plight of an increasingly threatened ocean ecology.

IMAGE: Barbara Dover Decoy , 2018. found squid hooks washed up on far north Queensland beaches, metal, glue 35x35x25 cms, Courtesy the artist