Free Artist Talk

Meet innovative Melbourne new-media artist Kit Webster!

"Webster creates works for festivals, exhibitions, performance pieces, architectural & commercial projects."

Thursday 11 July 6pm
Artspace Mackay

Join us at Artspace to meet and learn about the work of digital artist Kit Webster while he’s visiting Mackay to install his exhibition, Phaseshift in Gallery Three. At the forefront of digital and spatial experimentation, Kit has become known for his hybrid sculptural forms and immersive environments enhanced by the vivid play of audiovisual multidimensional space. His works frequently feature animations generated through 3D projection-mapping techniques, laser and LED illuminations synchronised with musical composition, shaping a fusion of light and sound through rhythm, colour and geometry. By combining art and design with technology in this way, Webster looks to define a new audiovisual aesthetic. One that is informed by the ever-increasing potential of advanced technologies and ideas that push the boundaries of new media.

This is a free event - ages 13+ are encouraged!

Contact: Artspace Mackay

Phone: 4961 9722