Future exhibitions

Jasmine Togo-Brisby: Hom Swit Hom

Main Gallery and Foundation Gallery, Artspace Mackay
28 January - 27 March 2022

Contemporary Australian South Sea Islander artist Jasmine Togo-Brisby examines Australia’s dark history of plantation colonisation through a range of techniques, from photography and filmmaking to sculpture. Hom Swit Hom invites us to consider the history and contemporary legacy of blackbirding from the viewpoint of the people whose identity is intrinsically connected to this narrative.

Hom Swit Home is an Artspace Mackay, Mackay Regional Council exhibition.

IMAGE: Jasmine TOGO-BRISBY Bitter Sweet 2016, unrefined sugar, resin. Installation size variable. Image courtesy the artist.

Tamika Grant-Iramu: The Wal #8

Foyer Gallery, Artspace Mackay
05 April - 22 June 2022

Brisbane artist Tamika Grant-Iramu is an emerging printmaker whose artworks connect to her Papua New Guinean, European and Torres Strait Islander heritage. Influenced by cultural carving techniques and storytelling aesthetics, her practice brings focus to the native flora of her surrounding environment. Grant-Iramu’s artist residency at Artspace Mackay will look to the rare and endemic species of flora found in Eungella National Park as she creates a unique and temporary wall painting for the Foyer Gallery.

IMAGE: Tamika GRANT-IRAMU Carving country (detail) 2021, vinyl-cut print on paper. Photo: Louis Lim. Image courtesy the artist.

Barbara Hanrahan: Focus on the Collection

Foyer Gallery, Artspace Mackay
01 April - 19 June 2022

Barbara Hanrahan (1939-1991) was a prolific artist and writer who lived and worked between Australia and the United Kingdom. Her unique figurative drawings and prints cherished a view of nature, mythology and family inspired by the 1970s women’s movement and her admiration for the iconic paintings of Frida Kahlo. Featuring a selection of Hanrahan’s editioned prints and publications from the Mackay Regional Council Art Collection, this exhibition highlights the artist’s colourful and entangled visual worlds.

IMAGE: Barbara HANRAHAN Winter (detail) 1977/82, screenprint on paper, edition 10/30, 39.7 x 28.5 cm. Mackay Regional Council Art Collection, purchased 1989.

The Art of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Foundation Gallery, Artspace Mackay
02 April - 19 June 2022

Creator of feminine and enchanting fairy-tale illustrations, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1888-1960) was one of Australia’s most celebrated women artists of the early twentieth century. She was at the fore of a new wave of storytelling for a new generation of Australian-born British children, incorporating native flora and fauna into the fairy-tale genre to create a uniquely local feel. Looking at the development of the artist’s iconic visual style, this exhibition brings together original working sketches from the early part of her career alongside watercolours and published books.

IMAGE: Ida RENTOUL OUTHWAITE Elves and fairies have thee in their keeping (detail) 1916, watercolour and ink. Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and courtesy Stella Palmer & Vanessa Martin.

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